The deep feelings song-CRR

This song is the song for people who have been hurt by someone. Anyone. Everyone has been hurt at somepoint whether it was because of  a loved one, friends, or your dream job. This song is about how someone who hurt him was around for a while and acted as if she really cared but she leaves over and over again but you always let them come back even though you know that it is toxic. The song also tells how everyone keeps changing and the something that hurt you always changes and isn’t the same thing.

“The seasons come and go like thoughts of you”

This quote explains how everytime when it comes to the time that the tragedy happened, you keep remembering what happened and have thoughts and emotions about the event(s) that happened.

The Morning Routine- CRR

The Morning Routine

By: Grace Gotsch


The sky is pink, orange, and lively. The morning is full of sounds. Birds are waking up and tweeting outside my window. Squirrels are scavenging for nuts. The trash man, Mr. Lucas, is going house to house picking up our filthy trash. My bed is warm and blue. Actually my whole room is blue. It’s like a deep underwater ocean blue that is so deep I feel as if I’m in the lively ocean. There is a neon tetra fish in the corner of my room. It’s bright neon green color is still blasting from the semi-darkness of my room that is created with my curtains.

I finally get up as the coldness of my room surrounds me from my window being open all night with the frigid air storming into my room. I go down our hardwood cherry stained stairs to my fridge for some breakfast. The floor has a slight coldness every time my pasty feet touch the floor. As I tiptoe to our fridge, trying not the wake up my annoying brother, our cat, Payella, nudges her bitter nose on my legs trying to say good morning. I finally get to our fridge with in seconds my hand are dripping of fruits, breads, muffins, pizza rolls, and yogurt. I start to eat as Payella hops onto the counter and politely asks for some of my breakfast. We both hear some pounding noises from upstairs and slowly coming down the stairs. It’s like a zombie-giant noise and it’s a hoard of them coming down the stairs and just as I start to prepare myself for a zombie-giant apocalypse my brother enters the kitchen at such an ugly and slow pace I bet I would have killed him right then and there if he didn’t start to say something.

“God, why do you always eat so much in the morning dude? Are you a vacuum cleaner or something?” Dylan remarks.

“Jesus, Dylan why do you always look dead in the morning?” I noted back.

“I don’t understand what you mean, Georgi.” Dylan stupidly questions.

“Ugh, whatever. Lets just go get ready, Okie? I try to insist my brother.

He eventually leaves after he grabs the phone to call his pretty and pink girlfriend, Bettie. Bettie is an attractive attention hog that always goes out of her way to try and impress people. She only goes to parties and never truely does her homework. Bettie is kinda weird too. I always see her staring at me and she always smiles at me and says hi to me in the hallway at school. I think she only does this because she is trying to be nice to me since she is dating Dylan. I honestly do not know but I guess it’s fine.

I go upstairs to start getting ready for the torture hole whole we call school. I get dressed in some joggers and throw on a Beatles band t-shirt and go to the bathroom. I pass my brother getting out of the shower with a pink woven towel around his waist, still on the phone with Bettie, as I go into the bathroom. There is condensation on the mirror and soap suds all in the sink. I grab my hair brush and brush my chestnut, wavy hair and washed my face. I look into my blue eyes. They are a wondering color of blue and I always question what color my eyes are. I go down stairs and get into my brothers red 1962 mustang and finally go into the world of torture; a.k.a. School.


Me before You


The movie Me before You is the most romantic, comedy movie you will ever see. It’s about a weird women named Louisa “Lou” Clark that moves from one job to the next to help her family. Her cheerfulness is attacked when she takes a job as a caregiver for Will Traynor, a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from a motorcycle accident that happened two years ago. Will’s view on life starts to change when Louisa shows him that life is worth living. As their relationship grows, Lou will have to fight to keep Will from fading.

I would rate the movie a nine out of ten. The movie does a great job introducing the characters and the story but doesn’t truly explain the accident that happened to Will years before. It also tells us at the end some unsettling information with a letter, that was sent by a death center that he would go to after the 6 months that Will gave his parents. When he got the letter Lou had to find out through walking in on his parents talking about it and how Lou was hired by her beauty.

The plot was amazing. Two people, both from different status, falling in love after a tragic accident that will never be forgotten. The actors who played in the movie were incredible; Emilia Clarke played Louisa and Sam Claflin played Will Traynor with that said the actors did an extraordinary job delivering the plot at a slow and simple pace where you were able to get to know the lovely characters and their beautiful personality.

My thoughts on this movie can be described as awe-inspiring. The movie has a good plot line, good actors, and an amazing script. When I saw the movie I was amazed about how emotional I got over the tragic ending. I thought the movie was sweet and I would gladly watch the movie over and over again.

Society by me -FC

Am I dead?

Am I able to be free?

Do I have to be something important anymore?

If I do I just want to know what I did wrong,

If I could have done better,

I dont want to be fake anymore,

I just want to be accepted into something more.           

more than judging,

more then imagary,

more than myself,

what I made myself to be.

The Life that was never presumed alive- FC

If you wanted to know anything about anyone, you could go to instagram or snapchat or any social media that anyone could have. Im not excatly like that. I might seem normal but im not your normal girl.

My name is Autumn and I was never alive. The only people who know who i really am is Myra Ukulshi, my mom, Tryista Muyera, my moms assistant, and my best friend, Embery Tomin or how most people adress her Ducki.I came into this world by being a stupid lab experiment when I was inside my scientist of a mother. Im not excatly a ghost and im not an entity. Im more like a girl who stuck in the buffer zone. I can talk and people can see a haze but I can’t touch anything that isnt made in my world.

My life is a total mess.

My daily routine is go to school, come home, eat Směs věcí, and then go to sleep. I dont do much honestly but one thing I love is Social Media.  

If I had to choose to be a real person or become Instagram i would choose instagram all the way. I do wish that i could somehow become a normal girl but i can be whatever and whoever i want on social media. I have 2 accounts on instagram.

First Account


Account 2

And thats just the start of it.

American Revolution

    American Revolution Biography


         Biography of Dicey Langston


Born on the 14th of May 1774 in Laurens District

Died on the 23rd of May 1837 in Greenville California


Dicey’s parents are Solomon Langston and Sarah Langston. Since Dicey was just a teenage girl during the revolution, she did not have a job. During the American revolution Dicey and her family lived in South Carolina, Laurens District. Dicey’s father’s farm was near the British troops camp, that helped Dicey spy on them easily and give the British’s moves to her brother. Dicey was not educated with anything special at the time. Dicey’s mother died before the American Revolution. Dicey was raised by her father and brothers. Dicey did not care too much until her brothers had to leave to fight with the Continental army. That’s when it all started.


When Dicey’s brothers were sent to fight with the Continental army, Dicey worked on her father’s farm.  Fortunately Dicey’s father’s farm was near a British camp. Dicey took advantage of that and spied on the British and collected information from them to give to her brother. Everyday Dicey would collect information and go to her brothers camp and give him the info. But then the British started to wonder how the Americans were getting information so quickly and so much. They turned to Solomon Langston and Dicey Langston. Dicey’s father was responsible for her actions so the British came to kill her father but Dicey ran between them and told them to back off, and so they did. Dicey helped her brother on the Continental Army.

Kudlinski Kathleen. Rebel with a cause: The Daring Adventure of Dicey Langston, Girl      Spy of the American Revolution. Pennsylvania: Capstone Press, 2015.



After the war, Dicey Langston married Thomas Springfield on January 6th 1783 and she was a mother of 22 children. Daily life was simple; she had 32 sons and grandsons to fight for the liberty that she helped create. She moved off the farm and lived in a log cabin until she turned 71 when she died on May 23, 1837 in Greenville, South Carolina. Not much else is know about her life after the American revolution. Many sources say that she had a normal woman’s life for the 1783-1837.

The Art of an Awkward Feeling- CRR

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like an art, and art that wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”


The best blood-rushing, raging, more than just friend book in all existence (or in my opinion) is Eleanor & Park. The book is a romantic-fiction and it’s so interesting i’ve read it 5 times. Eleanor and Park is very raging because you know they like each other because it switches from Eleanor’s perspective to Park’s perspective and they say how they feel about each other in the most detailed feeling that is so lively. When I read this book I feel like i’m apart of what is happening on the bus, or at the park, or at school, or at her locker because I can feel so much through Rainbow Rowell’s book.


-Watch the book trailer at:


When Rainbow Rowell writes she can WRITE! She was the author of the books Eleanor and Park (as you all know), Attachments, Landline, Carry on, and Fangirl. I have only read Eleanor and Park but I would love to read the rest of her collection because I think that they will be just as wonderful, interesting, fangirly as Eleanor and Park.  

I severely recommendEleanor and Park to anyonewho like romantic, fangirly books with sad and beautifully interesting endings.


Welcome to my blog! I am love to write and I am very exited to start blogging! I love to read fiction and action books! I prefer to write while listening to music so i will try and add music to my blog as soon as possible, but until then I will just write my thoughts and let you experience what I think on a daily basis.